Grow / Shrink Compute Instances

By | January 15, 2019

A very common question I come across a lot is “how to change the size of the Compute Instance (VM)“. Currently this is not “natively” possible, but with some manual labor very doable!. Happily OCI does support terminating an Instance while keeping the boot and data volumes. If you instance works with a reserved Public… Read More »

Auto Start / Stop Compute Instances

By | January 3, 2019

I have extended the library of scripts for automatic scheduling. There was already a script to auto Scale BM Database and ATP/ADW instances. New is the autoOnOff script for compute instances. Based on a pre-defined tag in the namespace “Schedule” you can now automatically power on or off compute instances. This will not delete any… Read More »

OCI Manager v1.4 Available – Console View

By | December 10, 2018

The OCI Manager iPhone App is still going strong 🙂 Over 300 people have installed the App and the 5th release v1.4 is now available.  The Last 2 released have added the following features: View the Console of Compute Instances Added support for sub compartment bug fixes You can find the App in the Apple… Read More »

Where and Who Am I? OCI Instance Metadata Service

By | December 9, 2018

When you are running your instances on OCI, you sometimes would like to know inside the instance where it really it. Well this is possible by using OCI Metadata service.  The Metadata service listen on and will report back information about the Instance, like OCID, Displayname, Shape, Region, etc. Including any custom Metadata that… Read More »

Easy view Audit Log events in the OCI App v1.2

By | November 8, 2018

Knowing what is going on in your OCI environment can be a daunting task. The OCI Audit service logs everything, and I mean really everything. Most of these log entries are just queries for information, so it can be a challenge finding and understand these Audit Events. In the new release of the iPhone OCI… Read More »

Oracle Open World 2018 Highlight

By | October 26, 2018

This was the week of Oracle Open World. A huge Oracle customer and partner gathering in San Francisco, with of course many new announcements. There were 2 Larry keynotes, one focusing on OCI and the other on the Oracle Applications business. Larry made it very clear that OCI (The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure) is a NEW… Read More »

NEW OCI Features: Cost tracking based on Tags and Instance Pools

By | October 21, 2018

Cost-Tracking Tags Managing your consumption cost is of course important in any Cloud situation. To make it easier to understand what project is consuming what, OCI now support Cost-Tracking Tags. You can create (currently) up to 10 different cost-tracking tags. For each resource like Compute, Storage, Database and Networking you can assign these Tags with… Read More »

iPhone App for managing Oracle Ravello

By | October 21, 2018

Amazingly enough, I am not the only one developing IOS apps for the Oracle Cloud. Alex Barbaneagra, an Oracle senior sales consultant in Romania, has developed an iPhone App to manage your Oracle Ravello. Within the App you can see your blueprints and applications. Inside the applications you can see all your Virtual Machines and… Read More »

iPhone App for managing OCI – AVAILABLE

By | October 14, 2018

Well it took a few late nights of nerding, but I finished version 1 of my OCI Management App for the iPhone 🙂 Below you can see a preview video. The App is now available in the Apple App Store: If you need help configuring the App, here are the instructions: The app… Read More »

OCI – Creating a VPN to pfsense appliance

By | September 29, 2018

If you want to connect your cloud environment securely with your on premise environment you can do this with the built in VPN service of OCI. I have in my own (on premise) environment a pfsense virtual appliance running that acts as my router/firewall/vpn box. Below a video explanation and demonstration on how to easily create… Read More »