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    Automatic (Scheduled) Scaling for ADW and ATP

    Last week I released a script that allows you to schedule the scaling of an Oracle Database running on the baremetal cloud instances. That script was designed to run inside the actual Database instance. The new Oracle Autonomous services do not allow you to do this, as these are fully managed platforms by Oracle, so you do not have access to the console to run script. So I made a new script for Scheduled Auto Scaling for the Autonomous Data Warehouse and Autonomous Transaction Processing Services. Both services work on a fixed per OCU per Hour price model. So the more more efficient you can scale this up and down,…

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    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Architect Associate Exam (1Z0-932)

    Whoop whoop! I just passed the OCI Associate Exam. While I have reasonable hands-on experience with OCI, for preparation  I read the study guide and did the test exam. You can find the preparation documents here: https://education.oracle.com/product/pexam_1Z0-932  I guess I had 57 correct and 13 not correct 🙁 . Currently the study guide mainly covers the Networking, Compute and Database parts, but it does not cover anything about the Data Transfer Service or File Storage Service. So I highly recommend you read up on those as well! To prep for the exam, I really recommend hands-on experience. I recommend you at least tried the following: Create Compute and Database Instances…

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    Oracle Paas chosen as #1 by techradar.com

    Sure the Oracle Cloud was not first to market, but in the past few years it has made some huge steps 🙂 And this is now starting to show off. While sure not perfect, some issues with support mentioned, the Oracle PaaS portfolio did come out on top, passing AWS, Google, Azure and Salesforce! Read the full article here: https://www.techradar.com/news/best-paas-provider

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    Automatic (Scheduled) Scaling of your Oracle Database on OCI

    While running Database servers cost money in power and cooling, a much bigger cost is the licensing cost of the Oracle Database software. In your own environment this might be considered a fixed cost, in the Oracle Cloud this does not have to be the case at all. When you spin up a bare-metal Database server on OCI, it can start with 2 cores (4 vCPUs). This server is JUST-FOR-YOU, so you will not share this physical server with anyone else. The actual server has 36 (X5 model) or 52 (X7 model) actual cores. You can scale up and down the number of cores, this will enable / disable the…

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    Hello world!

    Welcome to the Oracle Cloud Blog! My Name is Richard Garsthagen, I work for Oracle, but all things published here are my own opinions and views. I love technology and to share cool stuff around technology. Before I worked for Oracle I was employed by VMware and run for many years a virtualization blog called run-virtual.com. As the Oracle Cloud is getting cooler and cooler, I thought it would be fun again to blog, this time about the Oracle Cloud and the cool things it can do. While the Oracle Cloud is huge, I will mainly focus in this blog about the Infrastructure and Platform Services. Hope you will enjoy…