OCI Autoscale Super Script

By | June 26, 2019

There are multiple OCI resources that support some form of Autoscaling and/or Power on/off operations. These operations can allow you to reduce cost or get the correct performance when needed.

Currently OCI has 2 native build-in auto scaling policies:
– Autoscaling Configurations for Instance pools
– Autoscaling option for Autonomous Databases

Both build-in auto scaling policies work on the current workload of the resource, but does not really keep into account that OCI billing in done on an hourly basis.

The OCI Autoscaling Script

Hence, I would like to introduce to you the OCI AutoScaling script. This script can Scale and Power On/Off resources just based on a time schedule. Managing the schedule for each resource can easily be done using a pre-defined tag. The value of the tag needs to contain 24 numbers, were each number stands for the size of the resource for that hour of the day. When the value of 0 is specified, the resource will be powered off (if supported by that resource).

Example Auto Scaling of an Instance Pool
Example Automatic Power On / Off schedule for Database VM

The script supports 3 running methods: All, Up, Down

  • All: This will execute any scaling and power on/off operation
  • Down: This will execute only power off and scaling down operations
  • Up: This will execute only power on and scaling up operations

The thinking behind this is that most OCI resources are charged per hour. So you likely want to run scale down / power off operations just before the end of the hour and run power on and scale up operations just after the hour.

To ensure the script runs as fast as possible, all blocking operations (power on, wait to be available and then re-scale) are executed in seperate threads. I would recommend you run scaling down actions 2 minutes before the end of the hour and run scaling up actions just after the hour.

The script can run anywhere that has internet access to the OCI API services.

You can download the script from my GitHub repository:

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