Undocumented: OCI Pricelist API

By | January 22, 2020

I am working on a project that needs to know the prices of the OCI Services. After some digging (thank you Google), I stumbled on this webpage: https://www.oracle.com/cloud/ucpricing.html

This page gives a great overview of all the services and the prices (list prices, without special discounts). I noticed the page loads the prices, so thru some reverse AJEX engineering I came across the webservice responsible for providing the data. The below examples return JSON data!

Pricing details on a single Service

To request the pricing information for a single service, you can use the service partNumer. For example partnumber B88514 is for Compute – Virtual Machine Standard – X7. https://itra.oraclecloud.com/itas/.anon/myservices/api/v1/products?partNumber=B88514

besides using the service partnumber, you can also use the product ID if you know it:

Pricing details on all services

You can use the parentProductPartNumber to get pricing details on all services. Below the example using the B88206 product group for universal credits.


Specifying the currency

If you want to be able to control the currency of the reported prices, you have to provide a special header field in the request, example:

X-Oracle-Accept-CurrencyCode: USD
X-Oracle-Accept-CurrencyCode: EUR

Example in python:

import requests

url = "https://itra.oraclecloud.com/itas/.anon/myservices/api/v1/products?parentProductPartNumber=B88206&limit=300"
resp = requests.get(url, headers={'X-Oracle-Accept-CurrencyCode': 'EUR'})

for item in resp.json()['items']:
print ("{} - {}".format(item["displayName"], item["prices"]))

4 thoughts on “Undocumented: OCI Pricelist API

  1. Jon-Eric Eliker

    Hi Richard. I wonder if you have found an API call for a Cloud Account that includes SKUs? I have been searching for this finding that the usage report APIs include SKUs but I hope to find one related to entitlements. After all, the usage report only shows the usage and SKU if you have actually used a portion of the resource—I would like to report on what SKUs _might_ get used. Thank you for your thoughts.

  2. Jon-Eric Eliker

    Not exactly. Probably closer to this https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/get-started/subscriptions-cloud/meter/op-api-v1-usagecost-accountid-get.html and this https://docs.oracle.com/en/cloud/get-started/subscriptions-cloud/meter/op-api-v1-checkquota-accountid-get.html together. 🙂

    You’ll see in those examples where gsiProductId is part of the usage cost results and the full list of services/resources/quantities is available from the quota quota results. I’m hoping to find something to report all “product IDs” available in a quota whereas the default result has only resource “names” (e.g. I want B90425 not just PIC_COMPUTE_STANDARD_E2).

    Thank you for your reply!

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