ITQ VLan and Portgroup Manager

By | February 5, 2019

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Flores Eken from ITQ Consultancy in the Netherlands is also an enthausiast VMware SDK programmer. He wrote this application in C# based on the new ESX3.x /VC2.x SDK. It allows you to easily setup all portgroups and VLan IDs on all your ESX Servers. You can first read out (use the export feature) the network settings of a single ESX Host. With that information you can then setup all your other servers.


2 thoughts on “ITQ VLan and Portgroup Manager

  1. K

    Brilliant thank you – I’ve got a small home lab, but quite a complex Portgroup configuration, and I didn’t want to mess with Distributed vSwitches…

    1. K

      Unfortunately I can’t get this to work – The login Window is completely black, I can see 3 text fields, but not the labels (I’m assuming the font it black). Great shame, I think this could be the answer to my Portgroup configuration problems.


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