OCI – Creating a VPN to pfsense appliance

By | September 29, 2018

If you want to connect your cloud environment securely with your on premise environment you can do this with the built in VPN service of OCI. I have in my own (on premise) environment a pfsense virtual appliance running that acts as my router/firewall/vpn box. Below a video explanation and demonstration on how to easily create this setup.

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4 thoughts on “OCI – Creating a VPN to pfsense appliance

  1. Timur

    thanks Richard, that was more beneficial than most of OCI 100&200 utube videos.
    Can you explain more how you come up with public up on-premise side and set it up n pfSense appliance?

    1. richard Post author

      Hi Timur, not sure I understand your question. Is it about having multiple public IP addresses on-premise?

      1. Timur

        thanks for reply Richard, sorry for being unlear, it took me some time an understanding to come up with the right question.
        I just want to reproduce the same from my end having VM behind router with the NAT and local-home network. Now if I bring my VM with public ip OCI will not be able to see it.
        I can’t use pfsense with public ip behind the NAT router, right?


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