Updated OCI-AutoScale Script

By | March 13, 2022

The OCI-AutoScale script has received some updates based on customers that are using it. Even more services are now supported and a new type of Schedule is possible.

Day of Month

You can now set a schedule based on the day of the month. For instance is you want your resource to be sized to 4 OCPU on the 1st of the month and then on the 5th of the month back to 2 OCPUS, this is now possible.

This can be done using the tag DayOfMonth. This tag should have (multiple) values of day:size

When using the DayOfMonth tag is will use the size for all hours of that specific day!


More Services supported

The OCI-Autoscaling script now supports the following OCI Services:

  • Compute VMs: On/Off
  • Instance Pools: On/Off and Scaling (# of instances)
  • Database VMs: On/Off
  • Database Baremetal Servers: Scaling (# of CPUs)
  • Database Exadata CS: Scaling (# of CPUs)*
  • Autonomous Databases: On/Off and Scaling (# of CPUs)
  • Oracle Digital Assistant: On/Off
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud: On/Off and Scaling (between 2-8 oCPU and 10-12 oCPU)
  • Oracle Integration Service: On/Off
  • Load Balancer: Scaling (between 10, 100, 400, 8000 Mbps)**
  • MySQL Service: On/Off***
  • GoldenGate: On/Off
  • Data Integration Workspaces: On/Off
  • Visual Builder (v2 Native OCI version): On/Off

You can download and find the full instructions of the OCI-AutoScale script here: https://github.com/AnykeyNL/OCI-AutoScale

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